Advanced Composite Structures

Production Products has a 25 year history as an advanced composite manufacturer. Our staff includes chemical, mechanical, and structural engineers experienced in the design and manufacture of high strength, lightweight structural components. Our processes include:


    8 Pultrusion Machines
    Part size up to 8” high and 20” wide
    Fiberglass/Carbon/Kevlar Fiber
    All resin systems
    Secondary Capability – Automatic Cut-Off and Winding of Rod and Cable

Filament Winding

    2 Axis to 6 Axis Computer Controlled Machines
    Winding up to 6’ Diameter and 20’ Long with Extendable Track

Layup/Autoclave/Oven Processing

    Clean Room Facilities
    CNC Ply Cutting
    Autoclave - 5’ Diameter x 16’ Long with 600°F
    Programmable ovens up to 6’x 6’x 10’, 350°F to 600°F

Resin Transfer Molding

    Computer Controlled Resin Mixing and Dispensing Units

Resin Infusion Molding

Compression Molding

In-House Test and Inspection

Other in-house services include tool design and manufacture, machining, finishing, and painting.

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