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Production Products has a long history of defending US and Allied Warfighters from the effects of chemical, biological, and industrial agents. Production Products is a widely recognized leader in the design and manufacture of systems used for the protection of military personnel.

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CBRN Protection

For decades, Production Products has been a supplier of integrated chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense products ranging from shelter systems to filtration products.

Production Products is the world leader in the design and manufacture of CBRN protective shelters. Production products has taken part in the United States' key program to develop the next generation CBRN Collective Protection Shelters - Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection. In that project, the customer chose production products to design and manufacture of the CBRN protective shelters based on the Production Products' expertise in the field and expansive capabilities.

CBRN Products List

  • Joint Expeditionary Collective Protecting Equipment (JECP)
  • Single Skin Protective Shelter (SSPS)
  • M20A1 Simplified Collective Protection Equipment
  • M28 Collective Protection Equipment
  • A2S AMEDD Collective Protection
  • Interim Collective Protection System
  • Transport Collective Protection System
  • Chemically Protected Deployable Medical Shelter
  • Chemically Hardened Air Transportable Hospital
  • ColPro filters, blowers, & entrances
  • Next generation pressure monitors & controls

Medical Isolation

Production Products' family of isolation systems provides solutions to the various challenges of patient isolation.

Medical Isolation Product List

  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Isolation - In response to the need to have a transportable medical isolation system, Production Products designed and manufactured the Transport Isolation System (TIS100A). The TIS100A is a new, innovative system design that allows for the transport of multiple patients with highly infectious diseases. Its modular, negative pressure, fully integrated design allows the user the ability to taylor the system to meet their needs dependent upon aircraft availability. Production Products offers a full line of modules, support equipment, and shore power generation for operation on the ground.
  • Ground Vehicle Isolation - In many cases, patients with infectious diseases require isolation during transport in ground vehicles. Production Products has several ground transportable systems designed specifically for ambulances, trucks, vans, and buses. Production Products has a system for your vehicle.
  • Ground Isolation - Production Products' Ground Isolation System (GS100) family of products provides an off-the-shelf negative pressure isolation shelter. The product line includes systems sized for an individual patient up to systems able to support several patients in one enclosure. The GS100 family of isolation systems is a fully integrated solution focused on providing the highest level of protection for caregivers coupled with the greatest amount of comfort for the patients.
  • Hospital Room Isolation - Production Products' Hospital Room Isolation System (HS100) is a modular, fully integrated enclosure system that can be installed in any standard hospital room (or area where patients will be recovering). The HS100 is another fully integrated system that allows any standard hospital room to become a fully negative pressure protected room. The HS100 allows for a quick erect isolation chamber to be installed anywhere the need to isolate a patient arises. With the modular design, the HS100 can be installed in a room of any size.

Contamination Control

Production Products offers a large product line of systems designed and manufactured for the control of particulate matter from the workspace.

Production Products offers products specifically intended for hazardous dust control and particulate matter and microbe control for a laboratory setting. Whether your need is to control hazardous dust from a grinding operation, safely mix pharmaceutical chemicals under a hood, or anything in-between, Production Products has an integrated solution for you.


Production Products has a complete line of tent structures which are designed to allow for maximum ease of use, sustainability, and mobility. The goal of Production Products' shelter designs is to increase mission effectiveness and enhance quality of life for our users.


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