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Production Products has several lines of products in the industrial markets serving the pharmaceutical, energy, utility and the automotive industries. Those products are based upon Production Products' long history as a designer and manufacturer of advanced life support equipment for the Department of Defense.

Production Products' long history and capabilities allow for specialities in areas of composites, airflow management products, and electronics.

Industrial Intro

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Production Products is a manufacturer of enclosures that are designed to protect lab personnel while working with substances during mixing or weighing operations.

The systems offer a turbulence-free air flow with proven HEPA level filtration. Each system is electronically controlled to allow easy operation and alarm based safety measure to insure operator safety.

Production Products also offers to engineer, design, and manufacture a tailored system for your needs.

Utility, Automotive and Energy Solutions

As a producer of plastic composite structures, Production Products specializes in the areas of energy, electrical distribution, and automotive products.

Production Products specializes in the production of structures where high strength and low weight are critical. We also specialize in areas where electrical insulating or conductivity characteristics are essential.

Production Products has a complete line of composite utility cross arms featuring lightweight, machinable, high-strength composite materials.

Composite Manufacturing

  • Pultrusion
  • Filiment Winding
  • Autoclave Cured Structures
  • Resin Transfer Molding
  • Resin Infusion Molding
  • Compression Molding

Contamination Control

Production Products offers a large product line of systems designed and manufactured for the control of particulate matter from the workspace.

Production Products offers products specifically intended for hazardous dust control and particulate matter and microbe control for a laboratory setting. Whether your need is to control hazardous dust from a grinding operation, safely mix pharmaceutical chemicals under a hood, or anything in-between, Production Products has an integrated solution for you.

PPStL Containment

PPStL Composites

PPStL Cross Arm


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