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Production Products is capable of manufacturing pultruded composites in numerous geometries: including rods, tubes, and customer specific profiles. Production Products offers pultrusion of multiple reinforcements that are tailored for part performance, including our in-house specialty, carbon fiber. Production Products has experience with polyester, vinylester, epoxy, and polyurethane resin systems to deliver composite parts performance at the right cost! We are also capable of long run spooled/coiled composites in simple geometries with perfect repeatability. Our in-house engineering capabilities provide material optimization and profile designs that ensure optimal performance and value for our customers.

At Production Products, we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all catalog approach. We’re not just another pultruder making stock rods and plates. We don’t constrain ourselves to what we’ve done yesterday or shy away from new developments in materials or chemistry. Instead, we draw on our years of experience and diverse capabilities to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. From inventory control to product finishing, Production Products will deliver a high performance composite solution specifically designed to your needs.

Pultrusion Intro

The Production Products Advantage - Production Product’s pragmatic approach to design and our refined pultrusion process enable us to provide our customers with world class performance at competitive pricing. Production Products has demonstrated its quality for decades in various applications and forms of manufacture. This quality legacy is reflected by our 25 plus awards from customers for the unfaltering commitment to the quality and integrity that we bring to the table. By establishing an open dialogue and gaining an understanding of our customers’ applications, Production Products can provide customers with the latitude to push the boundaries of the pultrusion process and materials capabilities, all in order to give them an edge in the markets they compete in every day.

Our Pultrusion Team guarantees the utmost quality, delivered on time.

Benefits of Pultrusion - This continually emerging technology incorporates solutions with materials and process approaches that were unavailable only a few years ago. High strength composites were once a “space age” material, but thanks to research advancements in technology, Production Products can take some of these high performing materials and customize their use in the most cost effective composite manufacturing process, pultrusion! Pultrusion has brought revolutionary high performance to old and emerging markets. Composites pultruded at Production Products have excellent strength to weight ratios, and the maximized modulus provides resistance to both compression and tension stresses. These strength and stiffness attributes are just the tip of the advantages of composites vs. traditional materials, others advantages are; greatly improved corrosion resistance, electrical insulation with fiberglass, inherent conductivity with carbon fiber, tailored colors with fiberglass, improved UV resistance, leaps ahead with fatigue performance, and overall life-cycle improvement!

Applications of Pultrusion Technology - Composites are being incorporated into new fields and markets every day. The markets that are penetrated specifically by pultruded composites are growing in number every day. These markets and applications include; aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, musical instruments, sporting goods, utilities, and wind power generation. The fact that we can manufacture materials that are twice as stiff as aluminum at 60% the weight, with better corrosion capabilities demonstrates the many opportunities to replace all sorts of traditional materials! By utilizing the most cost effective composite manufacturing process, we provide economical, turnkey solutions with our highly engineered pultruded composites.

How Pultrusion Works - Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process in which engineered arrangements of fibers are impregnated with resin and are drawn through a heated die. As the material flows through the die, the resin crosslinks into a hard, structural plastic and locks the fibers in place. The resulting cured part is then cut to length for use or further processing. Depending on simplicity of shape, continuous lengths of finished part can even be wrapped onto spools of virtually any length.


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